AoW#19: Facebook – I “like” me

Most of what’s said in this article actually makes a lot of sense. I was also totally following when it was talking about how narcissists used Facebook more often, and was surprised when it said that wasn’t completely true. The first thing that you see when you go to your page is a big picture of yourself. Every time someone goes to update their status on their page, what they see is themselves, so it was understandable when the article talked about a correlation between Facebook usage and narcissistic behavior. Narcissists love looking at themselves. That’s why Facebook is such a great place for them; it provides an outlet for people to post pretty pictures of themselves, tag themselves in their best photos while untagging the worst, and post statuses highlighting their humorous or other good traits. The problem with this philosophy though, is that everybody who has a Facebook does this! I am guilty of all these things among almost every other Facebook user because that is what the website is designed for; sharing the type of information you want to be shared. This doesn’t make us all narcissists though, it just makes us people subject to the new world of technology which is centered around sharing information. We just want to share the bast parts.

AoW #18 – USA Up or Down?

Finally, these myths are being busted. I’ve been hearing a lot about our country’s decline recently, but none of those smart talkers put there money where their mouth was and had any good reasons to back it up. There are reasons to back up why we aren’t declining though, and this article did a good job of illustrating those points. America spends as much money on defense as I do on snack food, so of course we’re still a superpower in that regard. (For background information on that last statement, I eat a lot of snacks.) We see all the time on the news things about America intervening in other countries’ business, and we have to be a busybody to maintain superpower status, but I’m just saying that it’s no secret our military is everywhere, so I’m confused as to how that’s a misconception. The most important thing is that we, as Americans know what is going on in our country and don’t just assume we’re on the decline.

AoW#17 – Smart now, drunk later

I’m dismayed to admit that I wasn’t really surprised that smart people are the ones that are more likely to use an abundance of alcohol. I read the article that speculated the reason for this is that they turn to alcohol in order to deal with people not of the same intelligence level. First of all, I thought the author was extremely humorous in portraying his point of view, and second of all, it actually makes some sense. People of higher intelligence have the ability to look down on the world because they seem to know so much more about it than the regular folk do. When trying to carry on a conversation with another human being and having to explain the words they just used with more than two syllables in it every two minutes would be a tad frustrating and I imagine it would make them want to pull their hair out. But it goes beyond that. More than rolling their eyes at the general stupidity of the world, they need to deal with it somehow, which in my opinion is ironic because turning to booze probably isn’t the brightest thing to do.

AoW#16: Where Are YOU Going?

I have to admit, I was a bit puzzled by the statistics in this article, particularly because I for one, cannot wait to get out there and move to a different part of the country. I even plan on going to California for college, because that’s where the jobs will be for my future career. All that poor kid in Columbus had to do was pack a suitcase and hunker down in another (not to mention warmer) state to get his dream job, but hey I guess tires are pretty cool too. I feel like this article could have been a segment on Saturday Night Live’s “Really?!” with Seth Myers because that was exactly what was running through my head as my eyes scanned the words present on the screen. Really Nevadans, are busses really that bad where you’re willing to face unemployment rather than travel a couple hours to jobs waiting with open arms, really?! Smart thinking Nevadans, jobs aren’t that great anyways, all they do is provide a steady income so you can support yourself and stop living in your parent’s basement. Not that maintaining a curfew and being instructed to eat your vegetables at age 25 isn’t respectable, but I would think that young people would love to get out into the world.

On my Mind #6: My Room has a Mind of its Own

I’m pretty convinced that my room is conspiring against me. I swear, every time I leave in the morning, it’s perfectly clean with everything in its place. My clothes are folded in their drawers, my books are stacked neatly on my desk, and the dishes from my midnight snack are definitely not strewn around my bedside table. But as I return each day, it seems as though a bomb exploded in my room. I feel like I clean it at least once a week, but it’s playing tricks on me. When my mom comes downstairs and shakes her head at the sight of my living space, I tell her that this is my way of organization, because everything is laid out in front of you on the floor, so it’s much easier to see. She doesn’t seem to buy that though, which is weird because I was pretty convincing. It seems like whenever I muster up the energy and motivation to tidy up yet again, I find something that I have been looking for for awhile, or even some money if I’m lucky. So basically what my room is trying to tell me is that I should keep making it messy, so that when I clean it I’ll have a nice surprise. At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

On my Mind #5 Thank You, Broken Car Window

As I stepped out into the warm breeze and sunshine this morning, I glanced at my car window and unlike what I’ve been doing as of late, I smiled. The back window has been broken for quite some time now, meaning it won’t stay up, and slides down as I start to drive. My father being the brilliant innovator as he is, wedged a large neon green eraser in the window so it would stay put. Unfortunately, that’s not the standard window fixing treatment, so the window began to inch down once again whenever my car hit the slightest hiccup on the pavement of my windy, bumpy street. This normally meant an unpleasant chill creeping up from the backseat during the winter, and strange looks from people walking their dogs as they heard my mediocre singing voice pouring out from the open window as I drove past. They were probably wondering why in the world my window was down in this weather. Not today. It would be a judgement free ride to school while I blasted the music, and didn’t care who noticed my window was open. The beautiful sunshine streaming through the front window, and its warmth coddling me put me in a fantastic mood. My mother asked when I wanted to take the car in to get the window fixed and I replied, “nah it’s okay, it’s warm now.” Hopefully it lasts.

On my Mind #4: Nerves Nerves Nerves

I recently applied for a film program over the summer and I’m itching with anticipation to discover whether I’ll be attending or not. I am so nervous that every time I think about it, I start sweating like it’s July and my foot taps and twitches like I’m listening to an upbeat pop song. I really want to get in. I’ve attended film camps in the past, but I haven’t had to apply for them. I suffered through all the red tape of this application process, buttered up some teachers for recommendations, and wrote a dazzling 1,499 word personal statement. The maximum word count was 1,500. I’m pretty pleased with myself. The paper was surprisingly fun to write as I found myself getting lost the prompts of why I wanted to do this and describing the passion for my favorite movies of all time. Because I spent so much time getting to know this application a little bit too well, it makes me even more nervous because I’m so invested in it. The likelihood of gaining entry to this camp is very slim, seeing as more than 1,000 juniors from around the world apply, and only 100 actually make the journey to the Big Apple. Very slim. But I want it.

AoW#12: Is This the Norm?

Throughout the delightfully entertaining Lunch Scholars program, I just watched in amazement as the so called students stumbled their way through the rounds of painfully simplistic questions. The worst part was when they didn’t know an answer, they shrugged, giggled, or tried to make up a funny retort that just didn’t work. I wasn’t certain about the capital of Washington state, but they actually live there, so they should probably get up to speed on that. The other questions on the other hand, could very well show up on a third grader’s test, and rightfully so, because these are so basic that I cringed every time someone hesitated. When they asked how many stars there were on the American flag and some answered 52, my sister had to come into my room to intervene because I was getting so riled up. It was mostly confusion because I just couldn’t fathom that these students didn’t contain this knowledge. I definitely do not think this is normal, and there may have been something funky in the water at their school because I honestly don’t think that there would be the same response if this was given at our school. At least, I hope not.

On My Mind: A Bunch

I have no idea what to do this blog post on because there are just so many ideas floating around in my noggin. I couldn’t decide whether to do it on the visit from my six year old cousin this weekend, how great YouTube is, how great Saturday Night Live is, or how much I need to clean my room, so I’m going to spew out random thoughts on each of these topics. First, my cousin visited with my aunt and uncle from Chicago, and he is just the cutest ball of energy, so I was really excited to play games with him but the problem is that he’s actually really good. He legitimately beat me when we went bowling, so naturally I was the one that acted like a child, and he had to console me and tell me I would do better next time. Also, YouTube is the greatest invention ever and the endless amount of knee slapping videos I find there are priceless. Speaking of knee slapping, Saturday Night Live is sometimes hazardous because of its ability to make me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe. It is my lifetime goal to be on that show, because that would be the most amazing experience ever. Finally, as I’m writing this, I’m looking around my room realizing that I’m going to have a real tough time creating a path to get out of the door to the kitchen to get a snack. Half of the mess is just clothing, which is sprawled about suggesting I should do a load of laundry, but gathering it all up is too much of a hassle to do on an empty stomach, so I just have no clue what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll watch some YouTube.

AoW#11: Taxes Coming on your Sweet Tooth?

The first thing I did after reading this article was look at the chocolate bar I was currently shoving in my mouth and debated whether to keep eating it or not. I did, of course because chocolate is delicious and it makes me happy. But as I was shoving the already half eaten chocolate bar into my mouth, I thought about how much sugar I had actually put into my body that day. I have some food allergies, which means I get the prestigious honor of reading the labels on just about everything, and actually looking for it I realized there were so many varieties of sugar in everything. That’s a pain for everyone’s health and all, but the solution is so simple: don’t eat it. I finished eating my chocolate bar because I wanted to, but I could have easily put it down (I didn’t because it was yummy and I was already committed), and the idea that the government could have decided that for me is ridiculous. Sure I act a little more hopped up after consuming a larger amount of sugar, but what comes next, a breathalyzer test for sugar? Are we really putting it in the same category as alcohol and drugs? I can only imagine the day where a mom isn’t able to give their child a cookie as a reward because they’re below the sugar age limit.